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Layer: Perth and Peel Urban Land Development Outlook 2016/17 - staging (DPLH-032) (ID: 56)

Name: Perth and Peel Urban Land Development Outlook 2016/17 - staging (DPLH-032)

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Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: The Urban Land Development Outlook (ULDO) 2016/17 is based on an assessment of future land supply at all stages of the planning, zoning, approval, development and redevelopment pipeline. The ULDO database enables the monitoring of current land development projects in addition to the identification of likely future residential, industrial and commercial land development across Perth and Peel. The ULDO output covers Perth and Peel and includes: • scheme amendments • developer intentions • structure planning in progress • subdivision applications/approvals (Western Australian Planning Commission) • local government development applications/approvals The ULDO enables and supports existing planning policies by giving a spatial context to future land development over the short, medium and longer term. By identifying where future development will occur, the ULDO also supports other documents released by the WAPC. The 2016/17 release of the ULDO includes residential, special residential, special rural, industrial, commercial and tourism land uses. Within the residential land uses, the ULDO captures future fringe and infill development of five dwellings or more and single and multi-dwelling developments. The ULDO seeks to provide a better understanding of the supply chain and the current status of various development initiatives to coordinate the supply and timely delivery of land to the Perth metropolitan and Peel regions. License: Creative Commons Attribution Tags: land development, land supply, residential, urban Contact:

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