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Layer: Augusta-Margaret River Regional Land Supply Assessment - Future Development Areas (DPLH-029) (ID: 53)

Parent Layer: Regional HotSpot

Name: Augusta-Margaret River Regional Land Supply Assessment - Future Development Areas (DPLH-029)

Display Field: project_id

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: Regional Land Supply Assessment reports assess land for future residential, industrial and commercial uses, providing context for the land use planning and infrastructure provision required to meet demand across selected regional centres. The reports provide information on: • demand drivers specific to each centre, including the major economic factors that influence employment and population growth, and therefore, the demand for land and housing; • zoned land supply for residential, commercial and industrial uses; • development constraints; • recent and future land development activity; and • existing and required physical infrastructure. Future development areas are identified through a variety of means, including: • local planning scheme zonings and amendments; • developer intentions; • consultation with local stakeholders; • subdivision applications/approvals; • local government development applications/approvals; and • structure planning. License: Creative Commons Attribution Tags: Development Outlook, augusta-margaret, augusta-margaret river, cadastral_and_planning, development, dop, ds-EPP_Goldfields_Residential_Areas_Sulphur_Dioxide_EPA, land, land supply, land supply assessment, major river, planning, residential Contact:

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