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Layer: Section 57 2(aa) Mineralization zones - WA Mining Act (DMIRS-045) (ID: 26)

Name: Section 57 2(aa) Mineralization zones - WA Mining Act (DMIRS-045)

Display Field: land_id

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: Mineralisation Zones are areas of the state that represent Brown Field areas where only 70 Block exploration licence applications are permitted. Outside of these areas (Green Field) 200 block exploration licence applications are permitted. Mining Act 1978 Section 57 - Grant of Exploration Licence (1) Subject to this Act the Minister may on the application of any person and after receiving a recommendation of the mining registrar or the warden in accordance with section 59, grant to that person a licence to be known as an exploration licence on such terms and conditions as the Minister may determine. (2) The area of land in respect of which an exploration licence may be granted shall be a block or blocks but shall not be more than 70 blocks unless subsection (2aa) applies. (2aa) If the area of land referred to in subsection (2) is in an area of the State designated under section 57A(1) it shall not be more than 200 blocks. Section 57A (5) If — (a) an application for an exploration licence is made in respect of an area of land that is in an area of the State designated under subsection (1) (a designated area); and (b) before the application is determined the designation is varied or cancelled under subsection (2) with the result that the area of land to which the application relates ceases to be in a designated area, then, despite that variation or cancellation, section 57(2aa) applies as if the area of land were in a designated area. License: Creative Commons Attribution Tags: Mine, Mining, Section 57 2 aa Mining Act, Tenements, tenement Contact:

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