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Layer: Vegetation Complexes - Swan Coastal Plain (DBCA-046) (ID: 47)

Name: Vegetation Complexes - Swan Coastal Plain (DBCA-046)

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Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) - Vegetation Complexes - SCP250k The dataset shows pre-1750 distribution of vegetation complexes characteristic of various combinations of landforms, soils and rainfall along the Swan Coastal Plain south of Lancelin. For the majority of this area, the vegetation complexes are those defined by Heddle et al. (1980) at the scale of 1:250,000 and include some minor attribution corrections undertaken in 2015. The Heddle mapping was restricted to the System 6 area and thus the vegetation complex mapping did not extend to the far southern section of Swan Coastal Plain. This southern section was subsequently captured by Webb et al. (2016) at a scale of 1:250,000. The 2016 mapping also consolidated the vegetation complex boundaries along the Whicher and Darling scarp interface using complexes defined by Mattiske & Havel (1990), soil landscape phases (DAFWA 2007) and information in Hagan et al. (2011). See additional metadata for information on the location of summary descriptions of each complex and references. License: Creative Commons Non-Commercial (Any) Tags: Complexes, DBCA, Heddel, Swan-Coastal-Plain, Vegetation Contact:

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