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Layer: Geomorphic Wetlands, Augusta to Walpole (DBCA-017) (ID: 12)

Name: Geomorphic Wetlands, Augusta to Walpole (DBCA-017)

Display Field: waw_class

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: This set of geomorphic wetland mapping data was created for the Waters and Rivers Commission as part of the 1997 wetlands study: Wetland mapping classification between Augusta and Walpole, (V C Semeniuk). The Augusta to Walpole regionwas assessed and mapped using aerial assessment and some field work. All mapped wetlands were classified by physical characteristics. The result of the study areas has revealed detailed wetland mapping and other new information on wetlandgrouping.Mapping and classification of wetland between Augusta and Walpole show how extensive and interconnected the Region's wetland resources are.

Copyright Text: Harvested, SLIP Future, augusta, conservation, environment, geomorphic, parks, pir, swamp, swampland, walpole, water, wetland, wildlife, DBCA, DPAW

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