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Layer: Fisheries Guide – Instrument of Exemption (DPIRD-051) (ID: 7)

Sub Layers: Name: Fisheries Guide – Instrument of Exemption (DPIRD-051)

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Type: Group Layer

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Description: This data set contains the current Instrument of Exemption (IOE) boundaries for WA fisheries. Each feature relates to the management boundary of a specific type of fish / fishery / area or activity. These boundaries comprise one component of all fisheries related boundaries prescribed by WA fisheries legislation. The full list of WA fisheries boundaries as documented in the annual ‘Status Reports of the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources’ is comprised of 6 different categories that have been grouped together as the Fisheries Guide. • Fisheries Guide – Consolidated Management Plans • Fisheries Guide – CEO Notices and Determinations • Fisheries Guide – Instrument of Exemption • Fisheries Guide – Consolidated Notices and Orders • Fisheries Guide – Licence Conditions • Fisheries Guide – Open Access When searching for particular information in relation to a type of fish / a fishery / an area or activity, then it is important that you refer to all of the above Fisheries Guide categories, as looking in just one category alone may not return all of the relevant boundaries.

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